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Silex: Network connectivity solutions for document scanners

Silex Technology offers a large variety of products and solutions to enable a non-network scanner to be shared and used by several users over a local area network. By using an affordable, easy-to-use and reliable Silex Technology USB Device Server companies and users can maximise productivity while minimising technology capital investment.


Silex technologoy europe GmbH is since 2000 a subsidiary of the Japanese company silex technology, Inc. The parent corporation in Japan was already since 1973 sucessful as a development and manufacturing company. Besides the Headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, the company holds offices in Tokyo, Europe, the US and China.
 The expertise at Silex Technology is built on more than 40 years of hardware and software IP connectivity know-how, custom design development experience, and manufacturing capabilities. With relentless attention to quality and our strategic partnerships with leading silicon, software and device makers, we are the trusted leader in reliable Wi-Fi and device connectivity. The key product offering includes device connectivity, wireless infrastructure, digital signage and embedded wireless solutions.

1. Device Connectivity Solutions

USB Device Servers
 silex offers special solutions for just about every USB device on the market – from digital cameras, printers, multifunction devices, mp3 players, or external hard drives to offbeat USB terminal devices like sewing machines and medical equipment: Sample: Network Scanning Solutions: Scanners can be easily networked using USB device servers which, among other things, makes better use of  investments into high-quality document scanners.
Serial Device Servers
 Serial device servers allow the integration of different serial devices (e.g. medical devices, measuring & weighing devices, automatic manufacturing devices) via Ethernet or wireless into network.  Due to the high degree of network security, serial device servers can be used in any enviroment and for any types of applications.  The fast and easy implementation of the different modules shortens time to production
 Most printer manufacturers use silex network technologies under OEM (original equipment manufacturer) license.  In addition, silex technology offers a comprehensive line of external and internal print servers.  Some of them were developed in close cooperation with various printer manufacturers.

2. Embedded Wireless Modules

Silex Technology offers a variety of wireless LAN solutions that provide the secure and reliable connectivity that is demanded in an enterprise environment. At Silex Technology, we live to push the boundaries of Wi-Fi technology. We know that our customers need a partner with proven design experience and wireless technology knowledge to develop and deliver a connectivity solution they can rely on. Our tagline, "When it absolutely Must connect" is more than a five-word phrase; it's what we stand for, and the reason our customers choose Silex Technology as their trusted connectivity provider.

3. Wireless Infrastructure

SX-BR-4600WAN is a high-performance wireless network adapter which enables any Ethernet device to become an 802.11a/b/g/n dual band wireless network device, giving the freedom to place it anywhere in your facility.

 4. Audio Video Connectivity Networking / Digital Signage

The Silex Network Display Adapters connect displays with VGA, HDMI or DVI interfaces into wired or wireless networks, turning them into remote controllable additional screens. Up to six displays can be connected to a computer using six NetDA units, and managed centrally.
 The X-5 system of transmitter and receivers is a complete solution for connecting displays for digital signage which can wirelessly extend and split synchronized Full HD video from one source to multiple receivers. It also includes the Store-and-Play Media Server feature enabling you to play different content on each receiver making it very versatile for a variety of applications.

Find out more about Silex Technology USB Device Servers on the Silex Technology website


Silex Technology USB Device Servers are compatible with all scanner brands sold by Spigraph.


For details regarding compatibility, please check the Silex Technology compatibility lists .

 If your device has not been tests, it might still be compatible, but not on the list yet. In this case please call to Silex Technology direct to ask for latest details on compatibility.