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Scanning: Spigraph’s core business

Since Spigraph was created, scanning has been its core activity. As a distributor, Spigraph now references one of the widest ranges of professional scanners and capture and image processing software. Spigraph’s expertise is expressed through customised follow-up in the choice, implementation and use of these scanning solutions.

To deal with increased volumes of hardcopy documents to be processed, scanning solutions are the best way to work better and faster and to reduce costs. An expert on the paperless market, Spigraph intervenes in three areas.



  • Referencing of the best scanners including the major brands
  • Advice in the choice of the most appropriate products
  • Efficient distribution and logistics to accompany all types of projects
  • Installation, integration and connection of hardware with established user platforms



  • Selection of the most efficient software on the market
  • Help in the choice of the most appropriate solutions
  • Publishing of software within a dedicated R&D unit
  • Integration of solutions within systems set up



  • Pre-sales: audit, diagnostics, advice, sales support, test benches, workshops, technical conferences and availability of showrooms
  • During the sale: logistics platform and administrative management
  • After-sales: from installation to maintenance of solutions

All Spigraph’s know-how works to the benefit of organisations.
Purpose: to enhance paperless projects through tangible benefits. Results: shorter lead times, improved efficiency, stronger customer relations and guaranteed reliability.