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Digitisation, an issue for all businesses

The world is going paperless! Previously the prerogative of large corporations and departments, digitisation has become more democratic and now applies to all organisations, regardless of size or sector. Faced with growing volumes of paper processed every day, digitisation is a solution to several problems.

Reducing costs

Constrained by the economic situation, some organisations have reduced their budget allocated to manual processing whereas others strive to modernise them. The aim? Reducing document printing costs: consumables (toners, paper, envelopes, etc.), franking, physical storage... not forgetting related costs linked to the reproduction of documents and printer management.

Speeding up lead times

On increasingly competitive markets, companies need to show their reactivity at all levels. That is why they try to find ways to speed up internal processes while reducing information processing time. This has become a crucial factor in optimising customer relations.

Improving traceability

Changes in regulations help to speed up the paperless process. This optimises tracking of documents and their content, secures them and also offers better protection against risks and fraud. Enhanced scanning quality also guarantees better use of documents, by also establishing their integrity.

Supporting sustainable development

Environmental responsibility is not exclusive to major groups and is now a concern for all businesses. This trend is illustrated by a stated will to reduce paper consumption and the carbon footprint.