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Spigraph's sustainable development policy

As part of a civic initiative, Spigraph promises to comply with a certain number of social and environmental requirements. This sustainable development approach is shared with all its partners.

Requirements demanded of suppliers-manufacturers

- Compliance with EEC and RohS standards
- Development of low-environmental-impact chemicals for micrography
- Products presenting minimal risks for operators
- Maximum recycling rate for hardware components
- Systematic issue of compliance certificates on products sold

Quality purchasing policy

- Manufacturers' compliance with sustainable development policies
- Supplier partnerships based on reciprocity and mutual commitment, focusing on the search for quality products and services rather than on competitive pricing
- Equitable purchases and close relations with organisations employing disabled persons


Management of electrical and electronic hardwarewaste
- Collection, reprocessing and recycling of end-of-life hardware
- Listing on the national register of WEEE producers
- Permanent monitoring of legislation on hazardous products and substances

Management of Spigraphwaste
- Re-use of reception packaging
- Sorting of waste
- Recycling of all IT hardware: ink cartridges, paper, etc.

Optimised logistics
- Selection of eco-friendly carriers and forwarding agents
- Shipment grouping
- Direct delivery to user sites or subsidiaries

Reduction of personnel travel
- Setting up of a technical hotline
- Development of hardware exchange
- Introduction of mobility and conference call tools

Movement towards a digital information system
- Reduced printing
- Electronic data exchange
- Reduction of the number of servers through virtualisation

Property commitment
In 2007, Spigraph built an HQE (high environmental quality) building for its headquarters in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (Isère) and has planned a BBC (low consumption building) extension for 2012.
Objective: optimise energy resources in the building's daily operation.