Services Tailored to your needs

Maintaining a close relationship with our customers, providing a complete maintenance range and guaranteeing optimal reactivity are all goals that we have set ourselves to establish a truly trusting relationship!

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A relationship of confidence

Spigraph commits to sustainably supporting its customers in all stages of the relationship. We offer customised support in setting up and using scanning solutions. To ensure customer satisfaction, Spigraph relies on close relationship, listening and transparency throughout the project.


A buildable and scalable offer

Spigraph relied on his expertise, market knowledge and user's needs to create a range of services:

  • Adapted to the different categories of scanners and software
  • Scalable / tailored to the needs and projects of each client
  • Comprehensive to follow you to the installation and training in the maintenance of your scanning solutions

Guaranteed results

Spigraph provides all services for hardware and distributed software. Installation, integration, training, technical assistance, on-site maintenance services ... necessary to develop the document scanning solutions proposed by Spigraph. Effective implementation guarantees continuity of use of scanning solutions to satisfy customer requirements.

Professional services organisation

To provide professional services, you must plan your business accordingly to make it responsive and effective. The experience and expertise of Spigraph's teams have been tried and tested with several customers.
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Customised customer care

To satisfy all user's needs, Spigraph is listening and close to the users at all times. From call processing to on-site interventions, Spigraph listens to and is close to users in order to satisfy all their needs.

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