A2 Format book scanners

OS 16000

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Product advantages
  • Compact A2+ Overhead Scanner
  • Auto focus, Independent of ambient light. No reflections, shadows and no glare for the operator. Plug’n’Scan
  • OS 16000 Comfort: with comfort book cradle, without glass plate
  • OS 16000 Advanced Plus: with motorised book cradle, self-opening fully motorised glass plate and automatic work mode
  • OS 16000 HQ: with motorised book cradle, self-opening fully motorised glass plate and automatic work mode, optical zoom
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Fast, productive, mobile: the OS 16000 book scanner
Day in, day out, millions of documents are scanned in archives, libraries, universities, businesses and government institutions. Virtually whenever quality, reliability and performance are demanded, Zeutschel scanners are there. Be this in the State Library in Berlin, the British Library or in Princeton.

V-position 90° book holder
meets the standard of restorers to scan old and historically valuable books with a maximum of 90° opening angle. Especially gentle to books, uncompromisingly good in image quality.

2 in 1 kit supports restorers requirements conform scanning of fragile originals with limited opening angle and page by page digitization of oversized documents. While originals are scanned in landscape orientation and software automatically rotates digital images to the portrait format and sort pages in the correct order, operator can easily choose between scanning with or without glass plate.

The OS 16000 book scanner meets the needs of our users
Powerful production scanners that are gentle to the book, yet very comfortable to handle. Automation of the book cradle with sensors and "anti-collision management. The homogeneous, shadow-free illumination and superior scanning technology ensure images are of excellent quality. Automatic lowering and autostart guarantee high throughput.

Everything professionals value
Compact, mobile, fast, productive and simple, the OS 16000 book scanner meets the needs of professional users in libraries, archives and companies: maximum book protection (up to 200 mm book thickness without glass), superb image quality (up to 600 dpi), high productivity (with automatic, motorized book cradle), easiest handling (Plug’n’Scan). Thanks to its compact design, the OS 16000 is easy to transport.

If you are looking to scan smaller originals in a much better quality, we recommend the OS 16000 HQ with automatic and motorized optical zoom for achieving of even higher image resolution on originals up to 460 x 460mm.

With easiest handling (Plug’n’Scan) the OS 16000 series is ideal for large-scale digitization projects that need to be carried out efficiently.

Speed Colour 6 sec / 600dpi, 3.2 sec / 400dpi, 2 sec / 300dpi
Output Color, Greyscale and Black & White
True-color processing 42 bit color | output 24 bit, color 14 bit grayscale | output 8 bit grayscale, 1 bit b/w | output 1 bit b/w
Optical resolution 600dpi
Format 635 x 460 mm (> DIN A2)
Book thickness max. 100mm (Comfort), 150mm (Advanced Plus + HQ, with glass plate), 200mm (Advanced Plus + HQ, without glass plate)
Interface Gig E (up to 1000 Mbit/s based on Gigabit-Ethernet)
Dimensions operating (w x d x h) 777 x 845 x 940 mm (Comfort), 855 x 925 x 1050 mm (Advanced Plus + HQ)
Weight 70 kg (Comfort), 90 kg (Advanced Plus + HQ)
Electric characteristics 100 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 1,1 A, other voltages on request
Software (optional) Omniscan 12 / 64 bit, TWAIN (e.g. BCS-2, DPUScan), PerfectBook 3.0, QM-Tool

Zeutschel OS 16000 Comfort
with comfort book cradle, without glass plate.

Zeutschel OS 16000 Advanced Plus
with automatic (motorised) book cradle, self-opening glass plate and automatic work mode.

Zeutschel OS 16000 HQ
with automatic (motorised) book cradle, book cradle and optical zoom.

OmniScan 12 software: automated image processing - finished images with one scan.
All-in-one software for digitisation projects with image capture, image processing, indexing, output in various data formats. Connectivity to the Zeutschel OS QM tool. Applicable not only with Zeutschel scanners.

QM-Tool - image quality control with one scan.
 The OS QM-Tool is a software which makes it possible to measure, analyse and evaluate all relevant quality features against selectable standards (ISO 19264-1, Metamorfoze and FADGI) with the evaluation of a single scan.


  • Powerful PC
  • PC Monitor
  • Scanner table (motorised lockable)
  • Scanner table (lockable)
  • Book holder 90°-140°
  • 90° Kit
  • Different bookends