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Installation and Training Services

Reduce down time and increase efficiencies with our installation services and training programs.

Installation Smart


We do all the work for you – installation and testing of scanners and software


  • Unpacking and assembling of the scanner
  • Hardware installation, connection to a PC or network and functional testing
  • Installation of drivers and diagnostic software that is included with the scanner
  • Basic operator training for one person with instruction on regular cleaning of the scanner

Installation Business


Our premium installation product


Enjoy all the benefits of our installation SMART plus:


  • Installation and set up of capture software
  • Extended user maintenance training so you understand how to care for your scanner
  • Demonstration of the scanning solution so your operators know what they have to do and how the solution works in practice


Training solutions – giving you full autonomy over the use of your scanning solution


  • We will design a custom training plan for your scanning solution
  • Teaching your employees the key aspects of the effective use and maintenance
  • Training can be tailored to system administrators, software users or scan operators
  • Programs range from half a day to two full days