Image processing and compression


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Image capture and processing software (Patrimonial)

LIMB is a complete software suite dedicated to the digitisation of all culturally historical documents (books, ledgers,newspapers, archives, maps, etc.). LIMB software makes the document process easier by adding new structural metadata to the content and provides higher productivity and quick return of investment (ROI), thanks to its intuitive user interface.

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LIMB is an "all-in-one" software solution, covering all the stages of digitisation projects. Limb is able to process and improves images from any source with all the integrated processing features (deskew, crop, resize, binary conversion, contrast, brightness, etc.). In order to improve the workflow efficiency, LIMB is also capable of automatically controlling the image quality by using quality norm ISO sampling to detect blur, over exposure, duplication and partial images.

LIMB provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for structural tagging (page numbers, covers, chapters, table of contents, etc.) making the book more usable with newly created and added metadata. Limb includes OCR in 137 languages thanks to the integrated  I.R.I.S OCR engine, ABBYY Finereader and Sakhr are also available for arabic languages. Limb provides multiple output file formats ( TIFF, Multi page TIFF, JPG, JPEG 2000, PDF, Searchable PDF, POD PDF, PDF-A) and can automatically export files to local directory or digital repositery via FTP.

  • Image import and processing
  • Quality control (ISO norm)
  • Structuring digital content (books, newspapers, …)
  • OCR Engine (137 languages)
  • Multiple output formats conversion
  • Easy publication to "Yoolib"