Wide format scanners 55"

Scan 850i Series

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Product advantages
  • 6 model available with scanning widths of 44"/HA, 55"/HA, 60"/HA. Expandable with all common large format printers
  • Scanning without length limitation, automatic width recognition, scanning with typeface on top.
  • 2400 x 1200 optical resolution (max. 9600 x 9600dpi)
  • Higher data throughput through SuperSpeed USB 3.0 + RES
  • Scan-to: Net, USB, Email or Cloud, Operating panel with 4 freely configurable keys.
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ROWE Scan850i series: quantum jump in wide format scanning
The wide format scanner Rowe Scan 850i with its 6 models and future-proof technology stands for unbelievable innovation, productivity and numerous patents.

Dynamic Stitching (RDS)
The patented ROWE dynamic stitching (RDS) continuously controls the scanned document data of each sensor and sets them together in real time. Any deviations that may occur are corrected automatically.

Selected True Light
The solution for all folded documents: The Scan Sensor Technology used for the first time in the Rowe Scan 850i means the lighting of the originals is exceptionally homogenous. This is achieved by the optimal alignment of the lighting angle to the sensor. Together with the ROWE double lens technology, this produces excellent scanning results.

2400 x 1200 dpi
The optical resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi (maximum resolution 9600 dpi) means the smallest details are visible. Your competitive edge.

Rowe Pro Logic
... is the superior document enhancement technology from Rowe for copying and scanning with the “green button”. It ensures that imperfect originals, even those with poor contrast, are turned into perfect scans at the first attempt. This simple job with the “green button” saves valuable time and test scans. Faulty copies are things of the past.

Extensive color space support
The ROWE Scan 850i supports not only the standard sRGB color space but also user defined color spaces like Adobe RGB or Device RGB.

Productivity unbeatable.
The heart of the new Rowe Scan 850i is company technology protected by patents. It´s the base for superior productivity. Your competitive edge.

Automatic Width Recognition “On the fly” (patent)
Rowe has eliminated the annoying forward and backward movement forward and backward movement for recognition of the document width. “On the fly”, means that during the scan process the width of the document is detected precisely. This protects your documents and effectively saves time.

Dynamic Width Recognition (patent)
Are the corners of the document damaged or ripped? No problem, the dynamic width recognition of Rowe recognises this and determines the correct width of the document.

Only Rowe combines RES- a high performance process of data compression without loss - with SuperSpeed USB 3. The result: data throughput increases up to 1000% compared to HighSpeed USB 2! Of course, the Rowe Scan 850i still supports HighSpeed USB 2.

Immediately operational
As a result of highly efficient LED-light sources a warm-up phase isn‘t necessary, the Rowe Scan 850i is immediately operational - also in color. This saves time, energy and reduces the running costs.

Extend your printer to a MFP solution without compromise. The new Rowe Scan 850i MFP is compatible with all popular large format printers. The Rowe Scan 850i has been developed for several printer generations with the interface SuperSpeed USB 3 as standard as well as being manufactured in especially high quality materials.

Speed B&W 15,9 inch/sec @200dpi
Speed Colour 7,87 inch/sec (Scan 850i-40) | 11,15 inch/sec (Scan 850i-60 Kit optional), 15,09 inch/sec (Scan 850i-80 Kit optional) @200dpi
Color depth 48-bit color (also Adobe sRGB and Device RGB are supported), 14-bit greyscale
Maximum scan width 44"/HA model 44" (1118 mm) / max. original width 47,4" (1204 mm)
Maximum scan width 55"/HA model 55" (1397 mm) / max. original width 63,2" (1606 mm)
Maximum scan width 60"/HA model 60" (1524 mm) / max. original width 63,2" (1606 mm)
Length max of the document / scanning Not limited by the scanner
Thickness max of the document Up to 2 mm (0.08“) with flexible materials
Thickness max of the document (HA models) Maximum media thickness up to 30 mm (1.18´´). The electrically driven height adjustment works fully automatically at the simple push of a key.
Optical resolution 2400 x 1200 dpi
Maximum resolution 9600 x 9600 dpi
Connection(s) USB 3.0 + RES (data compression, lossless)
Interface Twain
Size (L x H x P mm) 44" model / HA model 398 x 1422 x 164 mm, HA: 398 x 1428 x 164 mm
Size (L x H x P mm) 55" model / HA model 398 x 1824 x 164 mm, HA: 398 x 1830 x 164 mm
Size (L x H x P mm) 60" model / HA model 398 x 1824 x 164 mm, HA: 398 x 1830 x 164 mm
Weight (Kg) 44" 25,0kg - 55"/60" 31,0kg, HA-44" 31,0kg, HA-55"/HA-60" 37,0kg
Electric characteristics Operating (< 34W), energy saving mode with programmable timer (< 0,4W), exceeds the requirements of the Energy Star
Included ROWE Calibration Chart, ROWE Scan KIT 40 B/W + Color Scan Module (color 7.87 inch/sec), ROWE ScanManager TWAIN + Edit (TWAIN support + ICC color management)


  • Floorstand (h = 960mm)
  • PC-Holder for Floorstand
  • Touchsceen Holder for Floorstand (17"-23")
  • Document Return Guides (2x)
  • MFP-Stand (h = 1200 - 1320mm) incl. support arm for flatscreen (17"-23")
  • PC-Holder for MFP-Stand
  • Touchscreen (17"-23", DVI, 1280x1024px)
  • Controller PC: Standard PC, configuration on request


Software modules (optional)

  • Scan Upgrade-KIT 60 B/W + Color Scan Module (color 11,15 inch/sec)
  • Scan Upgrade-KIT 80 B/W + Color Scan Module (color 15,9 inch/sec)
  • ScanManager LT (Twain + Edit + Scan) incl. Scan-to: Net, USB Email Cloud.
  • ScanManager SE (Twain + Edit + Scan + Copy)
  • ScanManager TOUCH (ScanManager LT for touchscreen operation)
  • ScanManager PRO (ScanManager SE + extendet image processing)
  • Scan API: linking of non-ROWE software