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DICOM Spigraph helps leading document processing company prepare for the future

In recent years internet banking has expanded tremendously. That does not mean, however, that the familiar payment forms and paper transfer forms will disappear in the short term. But due to the reduced volume; and in the interest of efficiency, virtually all Dutch and Belgian banks have outsourced processing of these transaction documents to UPSS (Unisys Payment Services & Solutions), which processes between 200,000 and 300,000 transfers daily, or about 60 million annually.

Processing those transfers begins with scanning the documents provided by the banks. After scanning, the analogue information from the transaction forms is converted into digital information and communication with the banks takes place. The transactions are validated and then processed in interbank traffic. Because the quality of the scans determines the speed and accuracy with which data can be processed further on in the process, UPSS sets the highest requirements for the scanning apparatus. UPSS works on the basis of service level agreements; all transactions must be returned within a specified time. Moreover, sensitive financial information is involved, and it is therefore of the greatest importance that the data can be stored safely on in-house servers.