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Document and data capture software

Kofax Capture can capture paper or digital structured documents (forms, orders, etc.), extract data and integrate them into information systems (ERP, ECM, BPM and Workflow) and business applications

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Kofax Capture processes all your documents from multiple sources: scanners, MFP, print flows, email, fax, files and web services. Whether at your corporate headquarters, a foreign subsidiary or from home, it has never been easier and faster to integrate information from your documents to your database or your business processes.


Using thin client browser technology, organisations can deploy and manage remote data validation stations while reducing processing and possession costs. Kofax Capture is able to handle all volumes (from a few hundred to several million documents) and evolve according to your business needs.

Indexing and integration

Kofax Capture allows fast and flexible indexing of documents and precise extraction of data whether in the form of printed text, barcodes, handwriting or checkbox form, regardless of the source and format. Background removal, checkbox thresholding and improvement of specific areas are all automatic processes that ensure error-free data extraction. And, associated with automatic classification based on layout and support for archiving, manual tasks are reduced to a minimum while boosting productivity. With over 140 available connectors, Kofax Capture seamlessly integrates with most industry applications and ERP, ECM, BPM and Workflow solutions.


With dozens of plug-and-play modules, Kofax Capture can be personalised to meet your company's specific processes. Kofax Capture is also available in an Enterprise version offering high availability, incident recovery for critical installations and compliance with flow requirements.

Open to all documents, efficient, automated, customisable and integrated with your data system, Kofax Capture is the software solution that will bring efficiency, productivity and substantial cost savings to your organisation.

Kofax Capture:

  • Capture from various sources (scanners, MFP, emails, folders , etc.)
  • Extraction and indexing of multiple data (checkboxes, handwritten text, barcodes)
  • Export to ERP, DMS, BPM, Workflows
  • 140 business connectors
  • Modularity to suit your needs


Kofax Capture Enterprise:

Kofax Capture + functions below:

  • High availability and incident recovery features
  • Real-time and remote performance monitoring
  • Connection to Terminal Services and Citrix
  • Compatibility with extensive databases: IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise and Oracle Database.