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Multi-channel invoice automation solutions for any business

Automate and streamline invoice processing and benefit from faster end-to-end processing time, cost savings, greater control and visibility and better cash management.

invoice processing
Users: SMEs, Key account, Administration
Volume: A few dozen to 1 million per day
Document type: Accounts Payable and financial documents and attachments, including asset lists, purchase orders, delivery notes, and other financial documents
Infrastructure: -

Every office receives paper and electronic invoices – all of which initiates ether a manual or automated workflow. Rapidly processing invoices can result in money saved for the firm – for example, by taking advantage of discounts for early payment. Time-consuming and labour-intensive processes have the opposite effect – resulting in money lost due to late or missing payments, unhappy vendors and frustrated customers.

Spigraph’s invoice automation solutions are cost-effective for any business and scalable for any document volume. Paper invoices are scanned and converted to digital format. Content in electronic format – like email or text attachments – is also captured and recognized as an incoming invoice. Relevant data – like invoice number, customer name or amount – is identified and indexed. Data is then exported into the relevant back-office system – such as SAP, Oracle or bespoke financial application – progressing the invoice further for review, approval and payment.

With our rapid deployment capabilities, your company can quickly reduce processing costs, improve operational productivity and achieve rapid ROI. Learn more about our flexible, cost-effective solutions.