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Digital mailroom solutions - from small businesses to large enterprises

Are you tired of waiting for paperwork to reach your desk? Instead, capture information immediately upon receipt by digitizing documents and automating your processes at your “front door” – the mailroom. Spigraph delivers solutions to digitize and automate any mailroom environment – scalable from small companies and branch offices to central mailrooms in the largest organizations.

Digital Mailroom
Users: Scalable from small or branch offices to large enterprises
Volume: From a few documents arriving via daily post or courier to millions of documents per year
Document type: General post, invoices, contracts, letters, CVs
Infrastructure: Desktop or office scanners for small or branch offices; high volume, production scanners for centralized mailrooms

Case study Digital Mailroom :
Helsana Insurance receives over 8 million documents by post.

Learn how Helsana reduced operating costs and improved processing times for new account applications with Spigraph’s intelligent mailroom solutions


  • Delayed, lost or misplaced incoming post
  • Unmanaged post sitting on desks or in mailboxes when recipient is on holiday or business travel
  • Costs for manual handling, sorting and delivery of post to intended recipients


  • Scan all incoming post and send the digital documents to recipients from the office manager’s desk or directly from the mailroom. Exception-handling limited to a select number of documents which cannot be scanned for legal or other reasons.   
  • Classify documents according to document type (such as invoice, CV, contract, order)
  • Easily index key information (like date, customer number or invoice amount) either directly from the panel on a network scanner or from a PC
  • Scan to Email, Office (Excel or Word) or SharePoint
  • Integrate seamlessly into ERP, ECM or CRM platforms or any back-office system

Overall Benefits of a Digital Mailroom:

  • Ensure secure and confidential handling for time-critical, sensitive information such as legal and government post
  • Improve “book to bill” time for processing sales contracts and purchase orders
  • Reduce processing time for new account applications, invoices and contracts
  • Deliver post instantly to employees who are out of the office
  • Reroute post based on pre-defined rules when the original recipient is ill or on holiday
  • Enable clients in any location to skip the post and route documents directly to your company’s client or partner portal from any scanner, MFP, smartphone or tablet, via a cost-effective, pay per scan model.



  • Quickly and inexpensively scan inbound post at branch or small business offices, route digital documents to recipient or integrate directly into a business process 
  • Flexible, easy-to-use software for desktop, departmental and mobile scanners
  • Scan to email, Office (ie. Excel or Word), SharePoint or other business systems




  • Manage and route all incoming post from any scanner in any location all via a single platform
  • Enterprise-class intelligent capture software to classify, index and export all incoming data and centrally manage all incoming information via a single platform. This includes paper-based and physical documents, electronic documents, email content, faxes, sms or content from social sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • For centralized mailrooms: High-speed production scanners with built-in intelligence reduces pre- and post-document preparation, sorting and exception handling
  • For branch offices: Cost-effective scanning from any workplace or environment, integrated with the enterprise infrastructure and centrally managed 
  • For mobile or field employees: From any location, capture information immediately at the source and route documents directly to the appropriate person or to a back office platform. Available from WiFi-enabled mobile scanners, any web browser, smartphones and tablets.