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May 2021 | Tech News

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Canon accelerates document digitisation with instant staple remover


LONDON, May 2021: Canon Europe today announces the launch of the Instant Staple Remover-A1. The automatic solution, created by MAX CO. LTD. and exclusive to Canon, can be bought either individually or as a set with Canon’s high-speed imageFORMULA document scanners. The combination is perfectly placed to improve productivity for businesses needing to digitise or photocopy paper-based documents at speed.

Staple removal is a crucial step when digitising documents, but when performed manually the process can be time consuming, physically taxing and risks damaging documents. The Instant Staple Remover-A1 can automatically remove staples from batch documents of up to 30 pages.

Sonis GmbH, which has been a Canon Partner for 20 years, has been testing a prototype model and has already experienced tremendous success with the new solution. Klaus Schwanitz, CEO of Sonis GmbH, comments, “The automatic staple remover revolutionises my customers' paper preparation enormously; no damaged documents, no contamination in the workplace and no risk of injury to employees due to manual staple removal. By using the automatic staple remover, our customers can significantly reduce the overall time needed to prepare documents.”

Tim Brosnihan, Business Development Manager at Canon Europe, comments, “The pressure to digitise paper documents and workflows has grown over the past year. Staples can be a significant roadblock in the information capture process. Removing them manually takes a lot of time and effort, and there’s a risk of tearing or damaging documents. By offering rapid staple extraction with the Instant Staple Remover-A1 alongside fast scanning through our imageFORMULA production scanners, we are providing a significant productivity boost for customers. Centralised digital mailrooms and scanning bureaus, as well as in-house teams across government, banking, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and education will greatly benefit from the time and effort saved with our Instant Staple Remover-A1.”

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