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In charge of centralizing French national archives and ensuring their free access to the population for over 200 years, the Archives Nationales collect, classify and conserve old...


Like many civil service departments, the Loiret General Council has launched a vast archive digitisation project. With more than two million images to be checked, the Council opted to...


“We appreciate the support of our partner Spigraph Network in implementing our business growth plans and to the further expansion of our service bureaus in Glasgow and London.”


Parce que le savoir doit être à la portée de tous, la Bibliothèque nationale de France décide de faciliter l’accès au patrimoine culturel à son public.


In order to protect precious and fragile documents, the Archives Cantonales Vaudoises asked Spigraph to set up a digitisation workshop suited to the very speci c needs which the i2S scanner and software solutions meet.


The National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (called “NLKM”) is actively engaged in preserving its national heritage....


La ville de Valenciennes mutualise l'utilisation du scanner de livres de la Médiathèque avec les autres entités publiques.