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June 10th, 2017 | Tech News


Introducing the KV-SL30 Series scanners: The freedom to work with information the way you want


A hybrid solution to break free from the limitations of paper

With the right scanning solution for your organisation, you can scan, share, save and secure the data in your business more easily and efficiently than ever before.
The new Panasonic KV-SL30 Series of scanners offers you precisely that solution.
Faster, more flexible, with greater functionality and offering more budget-friendly value than its rivals, it represents greater return on your investment and lower cost of ownership for you.
Hybrid design means ready-for-anything scanning
The real strength of the series lies in its hybrid design. In both models in the series, the flatbed is integrated with an automatic document feeder, meaning they can handle high-volume A4 formats, as well as damaged documents, booklets, passports, ID cards, envelope and mixed-size documents, quickly and easily.
So if you’re looking for a scanning solution designed specifically for the challenges of large organisations such as yours, the answer is right here.